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» School Services

Shoal Bus transport thousands of school children safely between school and home daily within the Shoalhaven area.

Shoal Bus school bus services operate on school days only. Passengers and ineligible students for a bus pass are always welcome to travel on school buses at the appropriate fare.

School Free Travel

What is the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS)?

The school transport scheme is run by Transport for NSW in conjunction with schools and transport operators to enable eligible students to travel to and from school at no cost to the parents or guardians.

Click Here to see a more detailed explanation of the School Student Transport Scheme from the Transport for NSW

Use of Pass Issued to Eligible Students

School travel is only available between home and school for school attendance and is available on school days only.

Passes are not transferable and must be shown on demand. Therefore all students are advised to carry their School Bus Pass with them on all school days. Students must present their Pass to the driver upon boarding or to a driver or inspector when requested.

How do I obtain a pass?

Do I need to reapply each year?


A new application is only required if there is a change of

A new application is also required at the start of year 3 and year 7.

What do I do if the Pass is Lost or damaged or stolen?

Should a bus pass be LOST, STOLEN OR DAMAGED a replacement pass is available from our office, an administration fee applies.

What do I do if my child is not eligible and I still want them to catch the bus?

The best solution is to buy a Term Pass which provide a minimum discount of 10% from the daily cash fare (and often significantly higher). For further details please contact Shoal Bus office.

School Students Behaviour on Buses

Travel by bus for all students is subject to them conforming to the Code of Conduct.

School Bus Safety

At Shoal Bus we care about the safety of all children, particularly those inside and around our buses. Safety is the responsibility of everyone – drivers, students and parents.

» School Services

This page contains links to school services If you require further information or your school is not listed, please contact Shoal Bus phone (02) 4423 2122.